Canoe stories by Siacho (Stanisław Smerecki)







Commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. S, the Zosia is crafted from selected western red cedar and trimmed with white ash and American black cherry. She is equipped with everything that could be desired.  For comfort the craft has a front seat backrest to support the paddler - especially designed to give support whether facing ahead or back into the boat. Inside the topsides you will find unique storage which allows you to keep essential items clean and dry and off the floor. The vanighan (a piece of joiners’ art in itself) is equipped with a nifty little box which will hold your whisky, wine and glasses safe and out of harms way. If you choose to use a little running sail, you will find a thwart and a mast step in the fore. Even transporting this boat is a joy - hidden from the eye we have added a special place to put your fingers while you are carrying the canoe upright.