Canoe stories by Siacho (Stanisław Smerecki)


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Dear adventurer,

Here in Gesiniec on the banks of the Smrodka river lies our workshop, the door stands ajar, inviting guests. Inside, all kind of timber impatiently wait to be transformed into paddles and other canoeing bits and pieces. Everything here is ready, dear traveller, to help you enter our dreamland.

Please view our gallery call or write to us, bol dly waste your time and ours, we are here for you. Tell us your ideas, what you want. We have designing skills on hand and vast experience of putting people into the right shape of boat. Take a look at the craft we have fashioned for our friends, from Pawel’s extra long transatlantic kayak to Mr. and Mrs. S’ custom Zosia Prospector and the Norwegian rowing boat Feering! We will craft the perfect boat for you.

Let us tell you a story
It happened on the Sniardwy Lake (One of the biggest Mazurian lakes).
As the sun set beautifully into dusk, we paddled our canoe towards a solitary little wooden sailing yacht in the centre of the lake. We approached the captain who was sitting reading under his shelter and asked, ‘Excuse us sir, can you direct us to the nearest petrol station?’
The captain, his anchor-like face shadowed by his black hat, answered:
‘Carry on until the crossroads with the traffic lights then turn left.’


Maria&Siacho w Classic Canoe

Leszek w Classic Canoe

Site is still under construction, empty spaces will be filled up soon.

See you a float!

Stanisław „Siacho” Smerecki & Leszek Kostyszak

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